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Complete Portfolio

Endentulism2023 covers all current treatment options to help the edentulous patient. That includes snap-on and removable dentures, all types of implants and new approaches.


Scientific Data

All speakers are requested and delighted to base their presentation on reliable scientific data. From case studies to peer-reviewed articles, learn from Science during Edentulism2023!


Experienced Speakers

Learn from the most experienced Speakers, Educators and Researchers in their respective field. Edentulism2023 aims at being a scientific landmark in dental education.


Ideal Environment

Learn and relax in a premium environment in the Canary Islands. Connect with your peers and integrate the learnings in 5 stars-hotels thanks to a special agreement.


With first-class speakers, Edentulism2023 will provide a complete overview of treatment options for edentulous patients and their associated level of scientific evidence.

Dr Enrico Agliardi

Prof. Enrico Agliardi

Dr. Masami Ando, Japan

Dr. Masami Ando

Dr Carlos Aparicio Magallón

Dr. Carlos Aparicio

Prof Chris Butterowrth

Prof. Chris Butterworth

Dr Rubén Davó

Dr. Ruben Davo

Dr Nick Egbert Edentulism2023

Dr. Nicholas Egbert

Dr Pietro Ferraris

Dr. Pietro Ferraris

Dr Ana Ferro

Dr. Ana

Dr Dan Holtzclaw

Dr. Dan Holtzclaw

Prof Ole Jensen

Prof. Ole Jensen

Prof Chantal Malevez

Prof. Chantal Malevez

Dr Manuel Martin Luque

Dr. Manuel Martin Luque

Dr Guy Mclellan

Dr. Guy Mclellan

Dr Jay Neugarten

Dr. Jay Neugarten

Dr. Eduardo Nicolaeivsky

Dr. Eduardo Nicolaievsky

Dr. Giovanni Nicoli

Dr Costa Nikolopoulos

Dr. Costa Nikolopoulos

Dr. Antonio Olivo

Dr. Antonio Olivo

Dr Marco Rinaldi

Dr. Marco Rinaldi

Dr Jean-Baptiste Verdino

Dr. Jean-Baptiste Verdino

Dr Luca De Stavola

Dr. Luca De Stavola

Dr Anita Visser

Dr. Anita Visser

Dr Luc Vrielinck

Dr. Luc Vrielinck

Dr Fadi Yassmin

Dr. Fadi Yassmin

Dr Petros Yuvanoglu

Dr. Petros Yuvanoglu

Dr Sepher Zarrine

Dr. Sepehr Zarrine


We have chosen Canary Island to develop Edentulism 2023. A fantastic place, not only for the unique environment but the advantages that EXPOMELONERAS will provide to all participants. We have arranged an exclusive discount for accommodations near the venue; check it out here.


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Lopesan Baobab Resort

Lopesan Baobab

The Lopesan Baobab Resort is a 5-star hotel in Meloneras with an environment reminiscent of African countries, from its flora's wildness to the color of its buildings, earthy and intriguing, just like the Kilimanjaro slopes.

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Lopesan Villa del Conde

Lopesan Villa del Conde

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Prof. Chris Butterworth

Dr. Carlos Aparicio

Dr. Manuel Martín Luque